To assist you in honing your presentations, we arranged for Mary Ann Leung of Sustainable Horizons Institute to deliver a series of webinars to help you prepare. These webinars will go over the basics of conference presentations and tips for delivering your research in both an effective and interesting manner.

The webinars are NOT exclusive to 2018 ERN Conference participants and we welcome all students that are interested in improving their presentation skills to watch them.

The dates for these events were as follows:

How to Deliver an Excellent Poster Research Presentation

Tuesday, January 9th @ 2:00PM EST
Wednesday, January 24th @ 2:00PM EST
Tuesday, February 6th @ 11:00AM EST

How to Deliver an Excellent Oral Research Presentation

Monday, January 11th @ 2:00PM EST
Friday, January 26th @ 2:00PM EST
Thursday, February 8th @ 11:00AM EST

All webinar dates will be available for on-demand viewing. To view these presentations, please click the session time you would like to view approximately 48 hours after the presentation.